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W. Dingwall - For information and pictures  for the now closed  G & G Kynoch Woollen Mills



Keith Library Staff - For promotion distribution and access to archive photos



Keith and Dufftown Railway Association - For link to Tour of Keith from their Web pages



K.M. - For information and flood pictures at Strathmill November 2002

Keith Heritage Group - For support and access to photographic material


The  Deli-Shop - Courtesy Bruce and Isobel for promotional distribution, advertisement and  keen interest





             Clearly Computers UK and New Zealand - For repairs, software and hardware support 



Friends and Family - Beta testing and helping with development, advice and various improvements



Denis Reid - For information and pictures "Minerva"


Ian Duncan  -  Slides and information with early views from Keith and the U.K.


Jean - For information and research on "Azaleas" in hospital grounds and numerous contributions



Aberdeen " Press and Journal " - For permission to use article 20th February 1999 "Minerva"



Keith Community Radio - For link from their web Pages to Tour of Keith



Keith Festival - For link from their web pages to Tour of Keith



  Mither Tongue - For link to Tour of Keith Web pages



Hugh Edgar - For his time and keen interest to acquire some hard to get pictures



Walter - For a link to his website  and an inside view of his experiences



KEITH COUNTRY SHOW  -  Permission to display advertisement and link to their website



Ken Brown - Old Keith Grammar School aerial view taken in 1973





'Banffshire Herald'  Newspaper  - Articles on their front page twice, promoting the 'Tour of Keith' website



Kevin Campbell  -  Link created to Wikipedia and option to add more information within the site



Occupier of  'Starlet Cottage'  for permission to photograph house and  provide information



Kevin Campbell  -  Link created to Wikipedia and option to add more information within the site



Keith Community Council - For permission to publish information and pictures

Keith Xmas Lights Family Extravaganza 2007



Sons O' the Soil  -  Ant, Gordy, Bob and Amy for permission to use information and pictures



All Others - Who opted for no mention but are nevertheless just as important



Mapping courtesy  


 Ordnance Survey  Get-a-map  service.   Ordnance Survey  and  Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland



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